Tamworth Pig Breeders's Club


If you care about Tamworths and the future of the breed, why not join the Tamworth Breeders’ Club?

Even if you don’t have your pigs yet, you can still help support the Tamworth breed and join in with club activities by becoming a member.

The club exists to:

  • Raise awareness of the breed
  • Encourage the registration of good pedigree stock
  • Persuade more breeders to exhibit
  • Advertise the sale of pedigree stock
  • Promote Tamworth meat products

For just £15 you can:

  • Get free advice from experienced breeders
  • Receive three, full-colour newsletters a year
  • Sign up for workshops and other events
  • Network with fellow members
  • Sell stock or Tamworth meat products free of charge on our website

Please contact our secretary for more information: secretary@tamworthbreedersclub.co.uk